Pellet Sources

Pellets abound in Canada
No matter where you live in Canada, you’re likely to find a local pellet mill from which to obtain all your supplies. Sourcing from a local mill can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, but more importantly, it’s a real option that wasn’t available not too long ago.

Check out Canadian Biomass magazine’s 2019 Pellet Mill map to locate the closest mill to you.

Buying bulk
If we go back just 10 years, it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to find a local pellet mill and order wood pellets in bulk.

Bulk is only available to those close to a mill and requires some storage, but if you have the storage space, buying in bulk is much more cost-effective.

Now, companies like Prince Edward Island-based Pelleco offer 2,000 pound bulk load deliveries of wood pellets priced at $300. Pelleco also offers tote bags for the same weight and price.

Groupe Savoie has made its mark in the New Brunswick residential market with its St. Quentin pellet plant.

It produces approximately 90,000 tons of wood pellets every year for the domestic residential pellet market and the European export market. It decided to dedicate 50 per cent of its industrial production to the residential market. The supply comes from the company’s own harvesting and sawmilling residuals.

Groupe Savoie can deliver bulk pellet orders across New Brunswick in its 15-ton capacity vacuum delivery truck, making bulk orders easier than ever before for consumers.

In southern Ontario Gildale Farms sells 40-lb bags but also delivers 1-ton skids for $30. Regardless of where you live in Canada, Google “Bulk wood pellets” and you’re likely to see options.

Buying bags
If you don’t have the storage capacity to buy your pellets in bulk or are too far from a source, buying in bags is a good option too. They can be bought individually or on skids for convenience, but you need a dry place to store them.

Pelleco sells 40-pound bags of pellets from Shaw Resources’ Eastern Embers, Marwood, Crabbe and its own Pelleco brand. Elsewhere in the Maritimes Shaw pellets are available either in bulk direct from the mill or in bags by well-dispersed retailers. Your local hardware store is also a reliable option.

At the time of writing, pellets were typically available in the $6/bag range, but prices vary.

For more details on specific retailers visit our links page.


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