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Welcome to’s home heating page. Our mission is to provide honest, reliable information about pellet heating options to Canadian consumers.

Domestic heating with a renewable resource like wood pellets will not only make your carbon footprint smaller, it will also keep your pockets fuller.

Heating with wood pellets is one of the most cost-efficient options available to homeowners - depending on where you live and your other heat alternatives it could be your cheapest. If you want a fuller, heartier type of heat in your home, pellets could be what you’ve been looking for.

By sharing the beauty and benefits of wood pellet heat, our hope is to inspire homeowners like you to consider this method of heating nationwide.


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Home Heating with Pellets

Modern pellet stoves are convenient, low-maintenance solutions to your heating needs that allow you to basically “set and forget.” Pellets are available at local hardware retailers or can be delivered in bulk, making for a clean, simple heating system.


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Reduce your heating cost

Affordable solutions

Depending on where you live and what fuel you’re currently using,
you may be able to cut your home heating bill considerably.

Reduce your footprint

Wood pellets are a low-carbon alternative that will dramatically reduce your home’s carbon footprint. As part of the natural forest carbon cycle, the carbon released in heating your home is naturally re-invested in the growing forest. Fossil fuels can’t do that.

The Choice

Wood Pellets are Sustainable